HTL Hallein – Salzburg – Austria

The Higher Technical College was built in 1871 as a sculpture school in Hallein(Salzburg). During the years the school added several departments. After the war the school has beenrebuilt because it was destroyed. In 1920 three wintersemesters in wood construction were established.

1971 the school celebrated its 100 years of existence. In the year 1974 was the start for the engineering department and the school gets the label Higher technical college Hallein.

1980 the workshop building with about 6.000 square meter useful area was opened and lately it was refurbished.

Instead of the old theoretical structure a new one was built in 2009.

The school includes the departments Wood, Metal and Design. The school offers a vocational college for 4 years and a 5 year schooling with matriculation (A degree). There are about 1000 students that are skilled for the different professions.

In the workshop are the professionists practical tested. The students learn how they have to work with tools and machines and how to work simple and efficient. Here are also workpieces planned and completed.




The classrooms in our school are really modern. In all rooms we have a computer so we have electricity class register and a beamer. There are about 25 students per class. In the classroom there are a lot of windows. Therefore it is very bright there. If we are watching a movie we have jalousies to darken the room.



At the ground floor we have an assembling hall for the students. In this hall you have to eat your lunch but thereis not enough space for all the students. In this assembling hall we have billboards for the projects of the students to be presented.


Our school has a reception with nice secretaries working there. If we are looking for a teacher we can ask the secretary.Our school building has 4 floors.

We also have a cafeteria where we can buy snacks or mealsduring our breaks.



In the third floor there is a library where we can take a research when we need one.

We have an inside and an outside gym.But this is not enough for all of the classes. Many of them have to use gyms at other schools.