Aleea Mihail Sadoveanu nr. 41, Iasi – Romania

Tel./fax:  (+40332) 402577

E-mail: gsvadamachi@yahoo.com

Website: http://colegiuladamachi.ro/


  • Basic formation as a qualified worker in agriculture and in other related fields
  • Enrichment of basic notions of general culture
  • Assurance of continual formation
  • Encouragement of personal development

Formation Objectives

Knowledge and execution competences

  • Use of a minimal luggage of general knowledge
  • Use of information means for perpetual fulfillment
  • Effectuation of some manual or mechanized work in different agricultural and complementary fields
  • Awareness of the impact of used techniques upon the environment and life quality

Social Competences

  • Establishment of an efficient communication relationship
  • Formation of the team spirit
  • Responsibility assuming within the group and social life
  • Expressing one’s opinion and defending it
  • Adoption of a positive attitude in work and involvement of responsibilities in any activity

Brief History

In its first years of existence, the school has functioned as an Apprentice School  later on changing into the Technical Agricultural School, and then  into the Vocational Agricultural School  for Apprentices. Since 1964, it has been called the Agricultural High School, but in 1990, it was given a new function and a new name – “Vasile Adamachi” Agricultural High School.

During its 90 years of existence, this school has undergone many specific changes due to the Romanian society evolution, as well as changes which came up due to the conceptual development regarding the role of the working force in the agricultural field.

“V. Adamachi” Agricultural and Food Indusry College is situated in the north-east region of the city of Iasi (the capital of the county Iasi), on one of the most beautiful hills, Copou.

Teaching Forms

  • Tehnological High-school
  • Vocational school
  • Post-high school – adults instruction

High school qualifications

  • AGRICULTURE – Technician in agriculture
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – Technician ecologist and food analysis
  • FOOD INDUSTRY – Technician in food industry
  • SERVICES – Technician in economic activities
  • COMMERCE – Technician in procurement and contracting


  • Agriculture
  • Land Surveying, Topography
  • Land register studies
  • Food Industry


  • DALPSE (Development of Alternative Learning Paths for Secundary Education) 2006-2009;
  • FOOD AND HEALTH (Comenius project) 2008-2010;
  • EUROSCOLA  2011