Nazilli Anatolian High School


Nazilli Anadolu Lisesi (Nazilli Anatolian High School) is an official school  which opened  its door to students who became successful at an official exam  after primary school  to study for seven years  in Central Middle School during the academic year of 1986-1987.

After 5 years, it was moved to the current building  after a construction of two years.Its land was bought with the money from government but ıt was built with %70 families’ and citizens’ financial support and ıts staff’s great effort.Since then there have been successful studies under great discipline

which  has lead to successful universities of Turkey with good grades.Its graduators have been going on their great work  not only in Turkey but also in the world.

At present   there are 600 students , 46 teachers ,a school headmaster and 5 school personnel at Nazilli Anadolu Lisesi.

Its students have been coming from other smaller towns by buses ,staying at hostels or living in Nazilli.

Because of change in the system of education its students have been attending for four years  after elemantry school currently.

Nazilli Anadolu Lisesi has also  been good at sports activities, cultural events,social clubs,different types of projects in Turkey as well  with the help of great enthusiasm  shown for them so far. That is why it  has become one of the prestigious high schools in Turkey